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Sabro [userpic]
Info + Rules
by Sabro (sabro)
at November 26th, 2005 (02:47 am)

Welcome to icoNet, icons and more by sabro. Please read ALL the rules before looking through this journal.

If you decide to use my linkware graphics, please follow the rules:
1. Comment and tell me what graphic you are taking. Feedback is cool. ^_^
2. Credit me (iconet), don't claim you made the graphics and don't redistribute them. If you use an icon credit me in your icon keywords. If you take other graphics you have to credit me on your userinfo with a link back. (how to credit icons in your keywords)
3. My personal icons, pics, graphics and layouts are NOT for you to take.
4. Save everything to your own server. Don't hotlink or direct link.
5. NO customizing my graphics unless they're bases. Texless icons are not bases. If the graphic has a copyright tag, don't edit it.
6. I prefer that my stuff stays on lj, but if you wanna use it somewhere else and credit me as iconet@livejournal.com with a link back.

Bottom line... if you use something from this site, you must credit me. You can do that by either linking me on your credits/userinfo page or on your icon keywords. Don't direct link.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions and/or suggestions. Also, I'm looking for affiliates, comment if you want to be one. Thank you.